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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bailey's Cupcake

Discovered these at Cupcakestakethecake

Can't wait to make me some...yuuuuum!

Now to find a recipe!
Let's see we have

Others I discovered in my search
Bailey's Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
Mississippi Mudcake - no Bailey's here but would be good with Bailey's Frosting or sauce.
Bread & Butter Pudding with Bailey's Sauce
And While were talking Liqueurs

On the crafting home front we have the opportunity to win a free Quilt Kit

Hot Tutorials
excellent list of crafting info

6 Gored Skirt
Before you gorge yourself on Bailey's cupcakes make this skirt and put a picture of it on your fridge to remember to limit your cupcake intake so you'll still be able to fit in your new skirt!

When I get some time I plan to make this. I love this style & I might even start making these for teens if they don't change the child safety law or at least clarify it to the point of saying homemade goods are not the items in question.

Using a waist measurement of 30 inches, hip 42 inches and skirt length of 30 inches. Remember, when you make the skirt for yourself you simply use YOUR waist, hip, and skirt length measurements instead of these sample ones.

1. Begin with a "T" - top of the "T" = your waist measurement divided by 6.

I.E. a waist of 30", 30/6=5. 5" across, then the original measure (30) is the length (vertical T-line drawn from the center of the top line)
2. The hipline is normally 8" below the waist (let's use 42" hips),
draw a horizontal line equal to (42/6 + 1/4") = 7 1/4".
3. Fill in the outside lines of the skirt, (so you have a rhombus shape) connecting the waist to hip to the bottom and draw in the bottom line.

4. Start at the top center of the "T" measure down 1/4" and make the slight waistline curve. The outside edges of the bottom are measured up 1/4" each and the slight hemline curve drawn.
5. Make your waistband to equal your waist measurement plus 2 1/8" (includes seam allowance), and the width is 3" (your finished waistband will be 1 1/2).
6. Seam allowance now measure & mark a 5/8" line above top line, below bottom line and to the outside of right and left lines. Now connect the lines (so outline -draw around- your pattern 5/8" from the pattern.)

7. Now cut 6 of the skirt pieces, for a 6-gore skirt. The vertical center line of the pattern will be used as the "straight grain" line, when placing the pattern on the fabric.

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